Poem: Under the Influence

There are those who believe and those desperate to believe.

Under the Influence

Astrology, it seemed to him was a good bet
Because he was tired of carrying the load
of decisions
Those never ending, endless spending
heart rending responsibilities that love
asked of him and the work required as the bank
raised an eyebrow at the missed car payment
and Visa overload
These days he needed help choosing a breakfast cereal

So he consulted

Looked up the hour of his birth to see if today
was rising in his sun-signs
A likely time he thought, for her to open gently
against his kiss, but Jupiter was holding court
with Mars and he was late for work the third time
this month
On Monday, Omar promised him the moon was in
his corner, but the bank called anyway and on Tuesday
the cereal all sank, no snap, no crackle, no pop

Tarot Cards must rule his life instead
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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