Poem: The Song Might Play

The love of two is never up to one . . . keep that thought.

The Song Might Play

A constancy of clinging, finding ways
to get through another day or month
A year, please let it be a year that’s all
A lifetime would be bliss, these promises
suck dry all flowers, leave them wilted

I was me and you were you, just yesterday
and dawn brought us each another
The moment is the most of us, our history
all past, the future merely hopeful
of two of us or not, when morning breaks

The only holding on’s in letting go
Always difficult, sounds upside down,
but true enough when all is said
that can be said and all is done as well
The love of two is never up to one
Love is no more than watching colors change

If only we would welcome strangers
next to us in morning’s rumpled sheets
Know them differently at breakfast coffee
Breathe excitement in their newbornness
The song might play and play and play
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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