Poem: From Here

Love doesn't need a lifetime commitment to be forever and if that sounds impossible, think about it.

From Here

What would you ask of me?
It’s yours
To touch you with tenderness,
hear the child in you speak
all of the unspoken words,
of clouds and sun behind your eyes
It’s done

Can’t give you my foreverness,
it’s not mine to give away
Belonging just to me,
as indivisible as pulse or breath
Expect me though, to love you always,
long past our togetherness
I will

Settle down on me and rest a while
Take some time for trust,
and when you leave, I’ll hold you
close always, with the letting-go
Conceive only that I love you now,
will love you tomorrow, and tomorrow
From here
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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