Poem: Trust Me

A favorite poem of mine.

Trust Me

Trust me, he said
    and so of course she did
Having no other option,
    toes not touching bottom
She barely floated in this pool
    of self esteem
The problem was age old,
    a question of definition
He meant it too, this man from Mars,
    speaking Venusian

Trust me on his red planet
     means I’ll do my best
In her ice-blue sphere it meant
    I’ll be your everything
Which no one
    can provide
and no one
    could survive
So, pure as the driven snow,
    they drifted

Lives lived not up or down,
    but slantwise
Sliding off the edge
    of talking
Skidding away
    from listening
Slipping off the road
    of caring
It was said at the inquest that
    bad weather caused the wreck

Debris was hauled away,
    broken bones splinted
All the oil slicks
and traffic quickly back
    to normal
Matter of fact, I saw her
    just the other day
The eyes of Venus smiled
    as a Martian told her, trust me
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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