Poem: Cathedrals

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, a project 600 years in the building . . . six hundred years . . .


There will be no more cathedrals built
    as St. Vitus was in Prague,
    over six-hundred years
The toil begun and cornerstones laid
    by those who knew
    a roof would not be achieved
    in their lifetime,
    or those of grandsons

These were men looking beyond mortality,
    these architects,
    these craftsmen
    of dreams
Mankind no longer spends a lifetime
    on his knees,
    either to pray or to build
    and there’s sense in that

But I stand in the shadow of this cathedral
    and watch the sunlight sift
    through a sieve of stained-glass,
    in stunned wonder
    at the sheer beauty of that labor
No, they’ll not be built again
    as this one was
    and that’s all that can be said
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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