Poem: Promised Leisure

Ten thousand years ago in a smoky cave wasn't all that different.

Promised Leisure

Here we are huddled together,
you and me
As we might have been
ten thousand years ago,
in some smoky cave,
taking the moments available
between hunger, thirst and shelter
These more modern days are defined
by your work and mine

What happened to that promised leisure
we spoke of in the early days,
in secret conversations,
whispered among kisses?
I remember them
Those promises
that we would be different,
that we would never make
the choices of our parents

Yet here we are like cave creatures,
at half past seven,
struggling among the timeless
ten thousand years--or now
And I need to take you in my arms,
lift your chin and spend the moment,
to feel you breathe and know
it’s not a never-ending fate,
but just our choices

Can we turn off our lives,
to stretch and yawn?
Let the dinner go to hell
and light some candles
Lock up my cased papers
for another day
and yours as well
Be idle for a time,
in promised leisure
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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