Poem: Get the Story

The story is deep and complicated, with many facets, but the journalist is a hit-man with another victim on tomorrow's schedule.

Get the Story

Faces, wounded faces everywhere
steady, working, see-it-through faces
with young hopes and old memories
Half a century of boots,
ten centuries of mostly boots

Come and sum it up, sized to make it fit
Fill in the blanks, paint by numbers
imposed dreams, ten thousand words
Journalists with four days to get the story
A thousand words a century, ten a year

Sound byte history, no time for more
Get the building, get the picture, get it right
even if it’s wrong
Defenestration, what the hell is that?
Where’d the body hit, get a shot of the hat-girl

Havel’s seeing us at four, plane leaves at six
A playwright (chuckle) well we had an actor
Talk to Americans who’ve been here a while
The next Hemingway, Paris, hey that’s good
Get me a poet with a beard and an attitude

Four McDonalds, these Czechs know the deal
Free enterprise is all they need, get the shot,
the lines on faces, memory of boots
Havel writes in weariness and prison time
Ten thousand words, get the story
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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