Poem: Just Moments

  All our other loves come to the party as well . . . it's their nature.

Just Moments

I can only love you
and if it’s not enough, it’s not enough
You see, I’m here from other places
and once upon a time, I knew it all
But that was when my loves came one by one,
closing all others out with an intensity
    that seems now like stranger’s story,
    not well-written

It’s well populated, this older world of mine,
    With cities full of strangers loved
Some known better than others,
    but loved even so and changing in my mind
So many colors, maybe you can pay the bill
    and leave a bit for the waiter,
    because I love him too
Not so well perhaps, but well enough

He fights his own dreams, keeps at it,
you can see it in his eyes
It’s all in the way he pours the wine
    and thinks of what’s un-written
That pretty much says it all for me
How we pour each other’s wine
    and if our hand shakes, clouds the bottle
    or doesn’t and it runs clear

Time to leave, I’ll walk you home
    to Seattle or Tunisia or anywhere you choose
It’s not too far in any case
    and I no longer care for hailing cabs
We’ll talk of things we couldn’t know,
    except for those we loved before
We’re more of a crowd than a couple, don’t you see?
Only for moments are we alone, just moments
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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