Poem: The Music Haunts My Mind

Love is letting go and I've done that.

The Music Haunts My Mind

So much of us seems left in parks,
here in Prague, there where you live
and in cities we’ve both left behind
Perhaps there’s something too direct
about the intimacy of indoors

Places we might have to face each other
without the intervention of grass
No sun and wind to carry thoughts
away, to drift like smoke from fires
that scorch my mind when touched

There were things we might have shared
that never made it past the blades of grass
pulled idly and chewed in conversation
Or am I wrong, my words written in shade,
yours dappled in the private script of sunshine

Misreading the tea-leaves of lives spent apart
Not enough reason to rewind, play it back
and hear the sounds, feel something
akin to fingers on guitars that know
all the chords and never find a melody

Love is letting go and I’ve done that
It wasn’t mine to grab and hold anyway
in all these parklands where we lazed,
fingering notes, humming, watching leaves blow
and still, even today, the music haunts my mind
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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