Poem: It's All the Rage

For me, this poem puts today's world in a very personal perspective where, alas, my warts are likely to show.

It's All the Rage

I want to downsize
it’s all the rage
Break up my divisions
and sell some off
Keep the fantasy
and find a buyer for the mill
that turns out mostly
my obligations
my darker side
my sweaty toiling parts

I want to conglomerate myself
and cash in someone else’s chips
Loot the retirement fund
and make off with the dough
Become an offshore holding company
obscure and obfuscate
cover my tracks
while I stack the board
Cut loose these weary obligations
it’s all the rage

And so I’ve inventoried a bit
to see how it best be done
But the pension fund
I find’s gone south,
the mill is obsolete,
no buyers for my darker side
and fantasy is free
I’ll FAX you details anyway
and e-mail my demands
it’s all the rage
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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