Poem: Loving You

Despite the obvious title, it's a pretty good poem.

Loving You

So, if you’ve wondered,
yes it’s true
You knew we were good friends
and, of course, we are
But, more than that,
I’ve loved you as well

Yeah, I know that’s the past tense,
but it’s easier in the abstract
and I’m shy about telling you
to your face,
this moment,

There’s so much load on that word
these days
Everyone getting in touch with themselves,
testing the waters
of self discovery
and thinking it’s a new thing

You’re embarrassed
and I didn’t mean for that,
but do I need to wait for something,
like your deathbed or mine
Even John Wayne
could say it there

So, glancing up over coffee,
or making a putt,
or missing one
When our eyes meet
and we both grin,
it’s because I love you
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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