Poem: Following Clouds

Prague has spectacular storms, as seen from my 5th floor window in the section called Zizkov.

Following Clouds

Clouds scud by my rooftops, quickly
infuse in me the movement of the earth
Shifting storms against late-yellow sky,
the moment by moment of timelessness

Front coming in, unaware I’m standing here,
looking up and judging preparations
Anxious to be taken unprepared,
swept along to other darker continents

Something wrong with building fortresses
A bid to stand against it all, planting trees,
holding on, holding back, holding out
Out of breath from clutching at eternity

Eyes too full of tears to see the slide
of dark and light, amazing color splashed,
structure deconstructed, particles ablaze
Dimension all adrift, following clouds
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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