Poem: There Should be Rules

Another coming-apart poem, but then coming apart is as common as coming together.

There Should Be Rules

That incredibly uncomfortable time
between loves coming and loves going,
when the flame has flickered out
and still some warmth remains
The memory of other times, when
this person lit your life and you theirs

But now that light is elsewhere and elsewhere
comes constantly to mind over dinner
or, worse yet, while making love
to the one who sees you burning still
and isn’t yet ready to put out the cat
Yet it’s time, and the cat is howling to leave

There should be rules for this and aren’t
A price to pay that’s affordable to both,
a loan that’s called and all accounts settled
Value received on both sides, an even deal,
where everyone smiles at their profit
Not wealth perhaps, but desire to invest again

Lovers who remain friends, it’s tough
to make that combination work,
something to do with one not losing
more than they can afford
It comes down to that I guess, not taking
too much more than you’ve given and hoping
that the accounts will somehow settle out
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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