Poem: Perfect Child

What are we each, if not the perfect children that stun us with their innocence?

Perfect Child

If you would hold a perfect child,
feel its small arms around your neck
and take pleasure from that laugh
that dribbles love of life down its chin
So love your childish imperfection

In a world that honors surface beauty,
hold close your shyness,
a doorway only sometimes open
An invitation to warm rooms, soft light
There’s shelter there from those more bold

Drop fear of failure like clothing on a beach
Lie for a while in the warmth of chance
Winning is no more than willingness to lose
Close your eyes, run fingers over jealousy,
explore its contours, things we want to know

A child trusts until it’s dropped, not caught
Open your arms and learn to trust yourself
Catch incompleteness, balance it on your knee,
watch it giggle, close its hands around your heart
Perfect child, wipe the dribble from your chin
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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