Poem: Near As He Can Tell

Thinking, hoping you've pretty much done the right things.

Near As He Can Tell

Near as He Can Tell
He’s loved a few young women,
now that he’s no longer young
And it’s been a fair deal all around,
as near as he can tell
They gave him tenderness and trust,
which hasn’t much to do with age
He gave them back un-complication,
which maybe has

And if you’ll forgive the metaphor,
he’s pretty much an old V-eight,
in a time when newer models
look alike and fight for market share
Solid and well made, the paint a little faded,
but power when it’s needed
Sometimes, when lives seem all uphill,
good mileage doesn’t mean a damn

At any rate, he’s not that difficult to drive
Well maintained, knows most all the roads
Can still be fixed with common tools
Not much to go wrong that isn’t
still under warrantee,
not many tears he hasn’t cried himself
Uncomplicated circuitry, no chips to fail
and leave them standing there, confused

Like he says, it’s been an even deal both ways
and not a rush-to-youth for him,
or search for wisdom on their part
They were always wise enough, at any age
It really isn’t something gained through years
and the kid in him never grew up to move away
Something to be said for that as well perhaps
It’s been a fair deal all around, near as he can tell
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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