Poem: Near Madness

Everyone gets close to this at one time or another, it's just part of the deal.

Near Madness

A time when lights could not be shut off,
even with their cords pulled from the wall
Harsh and bright and made of nameless stuff,
the hidden facet of my every wish and fear
shining for friends and enemies alike to see

A time when every word, spoken low and softly,
rang amplified a thousand times and more,
shouted from rooftops and silent streets
My every thought a known thing, naked
No secret too submerged for common view

A time of weariness and wariness combined
Close to madness, yet not so well defined
A transparency of soul, if soul I even have
Where’s the madness to be seen through glass?
A life better lived with un-curtained windows

Comfort to be had, a settlement of all disputes,
where those for and those against can come
to see well lit, amplified, diaphanous displays
of every treasured love and art I hold
No longer covered and withheld, but spent
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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