Poem: Time Between Lives

The spectacular fractions of time when clarity takes over and we see just ever-so-briefly before plunging again into our unfocused lives.

Time Between Lives

The time of life between lives
That gulp between two long breaths,
reflecting on what’s gone before
Preparing to resume the trek
A pause becomes a needed thing
A  marriage may have ended,
with all the wounded lying
like broken soldiers on a battlefield
Crying in pain, looking for mom,
waiting the wait that’s endless
Rediscovery of self and worth
The knowledge of another life, offstage,
needing water, sun and nutrients
Undiscovered, but waiting here
to bloom, attracting all the bees
A million reasons from the millions
who find themselves at the brow
of hills they’ve climbed
to take the long view
Catch their breath, take off again
Take long enough to know just where you are
Remembering the history you’ve made
Turn it in your hand and catch
the breath and time you need
to end the wars and wars and wars
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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