Poem: The Damnedest Dream

Strange stuff arrives in the night.

The Damnedest Dream

I had the damnedest dream last night
But then I’d used a heating pad
    to ease the soreness in my neck,
    just before sleep
    and perhaps I’d over-warmed
    my brain as well

But this came from way left-field
A business competitor from years ago,
    a guy I’d scarcely thought of
    in twenty years
And there he was, in perfect clarity,
    imposing upon my sleeping life

A word of explanation for the reader
This fellow used to clean my clock,
    regularly winning contracts,
    the best there was,
    far more skilled than me
    and he bettered me again last night

Dream interpreters make of it what you will,
    this throwback to a time long gone,
    but I awakened with a strange sense
    of pleasure
That he would take the time
    to reappear and get me once again
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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