Poem: Immortality

What would be your choice of remembrance by the loves you leave behind?


It’s the nature of me and you,
to yearn for immortality
It’s always been, will always be,
a shared essence
And I’m just a man, asking the same,
long after I’m gone
Because I’m as bad as the worst
and as good as the best
You’re the woman of my manliness
We have us in common

And yet a sense of deathlessness
is not what I’m after
I’m really quite content
to drift away, unremembered,
except in the mind of you
The woman I love so well,
who loves me too, as long
as I am here to know and love
It’s in your mind I need
to be immortal, unforgotten

Not in your heart, it will belong
to others along the way
But in your memory,
where all loves find their source
Untarnished, improved
by obstacle and distance
What greater obstacle than death?
What greater distance?
What brighter light could shine
on passions left behind?

Accomplishment, as a legacy,
isn’t what I hope to leave
Fame in the arts is out of reach
of my best work
Still, there’s such a burning
need to be remembered
Remembrance is permission,
your approval when I’m gone
So I’ll choose my own immortality
You’d allow me that

I choose thunderstorms
Think of me when they roll in
Earth and stars, the sun and moon,
all too commonplace
Preference is all that’s left to me
and all I have, I leave to you,
dramatic, unrestrained
Don’t think of me in common storms,
but only when lightening
bolts the sky and thunder boils

They come so seldom
These romantic masterworks are scarce
Announcing themselves,
not shyly like I might if I were there,
but with all the cymbals crashing
So unlike my quiet love for you,
these storms were here before me,
rolling through your hills
They’ll be here when we both are gone

Remember me in them
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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