Poem: Sometimes

Sometimes life beyond knowing is waiting there to know . . .


Sometimes all the firsts in life are not yet over,
but it takes a mind that’s wide as life,
a readiness to leave the certainties,
a gambler’s instinct
Sometimes, the risks are worth the risk, sometimes not

There may be friends and lovers out of sight,
beyond the length and width of everyday,
a pricey menu in a foreign tongue
Long trip for a meal, a continent away
Sometimes, the restaurant lives up to expectation

Of all the possibilities we held out to one another,
each had warmth and promises of pleasure,
contingencies of shattered confidences,
eventualities that might be hard to turn away
Sometimes, life beyond knowing is waiting there to know

Tickets for a concert, walking, touched only at fingertips,
a constant intervention of skin-hunger,
the mutual rise and swell of shared thought,
pouring ourselves from you to me and back
Sometimes, that rarity of church bells, ringing at intermission
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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