Poem: Steps Along the Way

Human doings instead of human beings? Sounds pretty serious.

Steps Along the Way

Illusion makes a mockery of reality
and we have thrown in with it,
suspending lives in hopes and dreams
as ethereal as disappearing mist

Hungering for there instead of here, a
thirst that turns away from inward wells,
the hunt for a light that never flickers,
forgetting the romance of wavering candles

The chase its own game, never ending
No pause at the top of darkened hills
to gaze at waves of grass that roll away
toward a horizon of self-discovery

Human doings disguised as human beings,
flashing false credentials at the borders,
searching continents with outdated maps
Forward, always forward and damn the side-roads

A destination finally achieved, left wondering
why the streets are empty, no friendly face
at the end of all that troubled journey
The miles winding down to spaces emptied

Never savoring the steps along the way
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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