Poem: Uneven Deal

The unfair economics of writing versus reading.

Uneven Deal

It takes about a week
for a lazy man to read a book,
if he’s inattentive,
easily laid back and watches
a lot of television in between
Perhaps takes in a movie
on the off nights
Properly attends to wife and kids

Takes about eight months
to write one, presupposing
that the writer kicks out words
like his pants are on fire,
stays with it when he feels
like climbing trees,
or climbing the walls,
and to hell with winter in Mexico

Turns off the television,
leaves his friends with three at bridge,
growls at whoever’s on the phone
Still it’s an uneven deal, the equal of
thirty-five writers, striving
to keep up with one insomniac
If there’s an economic rule that applies,
please clue me in
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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