Poem: The Blind Side

Sports metaphor is not really my thing, but we all are subject to getting blind-sided.

The Blind Side

Seconds, only seconds,
    when ten make a lifetime
A rush of defenders,
    guys built like locomotives
He drops back and back,
    to find a downfield receiver
in a current of motion and color,
    no time, no time, no time

Third down and twenty-three,
    an absolute need to get the ball
not where he is, but where he will be
    at a split-moment, crossing
a place in time and space
    that doesn’t exist, but will
A study in the futures-market
    of moving bodies

Drop back again, shrug him off,
    step up or eat the ball
The time is now, make it happen,
    or crumple and walk away
That long slump-shouldered walk
    across the field to roars
that could be cheers, might be yet,
    except for the blind side
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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