Poem: Honey in the Woods

Convergence, the unusual and sometimes-never-known essence of a life in perfect pitch---if even for a moment.

Honey in the Woods

There are times in life, each life and every life,
    when it all comes together
When the base metals configure themselves
    for a day or a year or ten,
    to form a compound of peace so sweet,
    it’s like finding honey in the woods

And I’ve wasted those times for the most part,
    casting their precious moments aside
    in conjecture over whether they would last,
    or were ever really good enough,
    or would be there again tomorrow
But I waste them no more

Honey-trees are come upon unexpectedly
A taste so sweet it begs me to savor,
    if only for the moment of its miracle
And I must confess, I’ve never found one
At least not in the woods and yet
    I know they’re there, in reality and metaphor

Metaphor will do, you get my drift
    and when your honey-tree appears,
    lay back and savor, try not to look ahead
Taste the sweetness of life in that moment
However long, let it wrap around your tongue,
    a found thing, like honey in the woods
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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