Plays & Screenplay

Plays and screenplays happened sort of serendipitously, the result of buying a formatting software for screenplays called Scriptware. I'd wanted to write a screenplay based on The Island novel, which I finally did.

But prior to that, Curtis Matthew came to the BeefStew poetry readings several times (actually, he became rather a nag) to talk up a one act play contest that was being held by the Pennsylvania Playhouse. He wanted the Prague bunch to contribute.

So I wrote one titled Colors to get familiar with the Scriptware software and it won---one of three chosen to be performed.

Misha and I went to see it during the three days of performance in May of 1999, which led to a three month tour of the United States, because she'd never been there. But that's another story . . .

Writers know what to expect when a book gets published---familiar words between pages. But it's really a strange sensation to have something I wrote be acted out on stage, the words being spoken to an audience.

It was scary.

It was great.

I wrote Uncle Oscar for the next year's competition and it didn't even make the short list. Life's like that.

1998 Colors (a one-act play)

1999 The Island (a screenplay)

1999 Uncle Oscar (a one-act play)