Dick Cheney's Fingerprints: Observations on the Iraq War

On March 20, 2003 the United States and Great Britain attacked Iraq, staying for 8 years, 273 days and leaving behind 150,000 Iraqi civilians dead and another half-million collateral victims. The cost to the US is estimated to $3 trillion we didn’t have to begin with and failed to tax ourselves for. No one yet knows the true cost. A nation terrified after the 9-11 attacks failed to either prevent or protest it.
Jim Freeman voiced his concerns each step of the way, but as Voltaire said some 300 years ago, “It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.” They were tragically wrong. Yet the script was in place and had Dick Cheney’s fingerprints all over it. A must read to bring timing and context to chaos, not a word altered to reflect hindsight.
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Dick Cheney's Fingerprints

The Dark Side of the Moon: Observing America - A Five Book Series

The Dark Side of the Moon series is a chronological collection of observations on American society and politics, salted with irony and lightly peppered with humor. It takes a bit of both to understand our country in recent decades. They’re all here as Freeman wrote and published them at the time, unedited and without benefit of hindsight.
The Dark Side of the Moon 1998-2003 - This first 1998-2003 volume in the series begins with the death of Princess Diana and ends with Shock and Awe, years that led America from its version of fairy-tales to what Saddam Hussein would have called ‘the mother of all fairy-tales.’ What were the scattered concerns of the nation while all that war-planning was going on from an undisclosed location? The Dark Side of the Moon brings welcome context to those events. The Dark Side of The Moon 1998-2003The Dark Side of the Moon
Observing America
Volume 1
The Dark Side of the Moon 2004-2005 - The 2004-05 title in the series takes us from Howard Dean’s expectation to become the next president of the United States to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, evisceration of Medicaid and exposure of the Jack Abramoff scandal. A presidential election year played out against two wars not going all that well, super-charged profits driven by rocket-fueled debt and the first itchiness around the American collar that all was not well deep down in the state of the union. The Dark Side of The Moon  2004-2005The Dark Side of the Moon
Observing America
Volume 2
The Dark Side of the Moon 2006 - 2006 was undoubtedly a pivotal year, the wheels apparently coming off American military and civil society on a dizzying basis. The 2006 edition begins with the Senate considering Sam Alito’s fitness for the Supreme Court and winds up, some 460 pages later, with the Exxon Valdez lawsuit limping to conclusion after a 12 year swordfight. What else was going on, while America twisted in the winds of deceit and the fear-factor overcame common sense? Quite a lot, actually. The Dark Side of The Moon  2006The Dark Side of the Moon
Observing America
Volume 3
The Dark Side of the Moon 2007 - 2007 was the year we realized 2006 wasn’t merely a blip on the screen and Wall Street had us in deep trouble. This fourth book in the series begins with Enough Naming Everything as War and winds up nearly 500 pages later with Making Second-Class Citizens of Non-Christians. America edged closer to the crumbling cliff of financial disaster, presidential candidates positioned (then repositioned) themselves and scandals seemed to come and go with depressing regularity. The Dark Side of The Moon  2007The Dark Side of the Moon
Observing America
Volume 4
The Dark Side of the Moon 2008-2010 - This fifth and final volume of the series begins with Welcome to the Ever-Changing, Ever-Same Face of America and winds up some 546 pages later with Disaster Plans that Don’t Bother to Anticipate Disaster. These ‘bookend observations’ were an appropriate metaphor for those years. A brand new president, who many Americans felt offered The Audacity of Hope, gave us headlock, deadlock and disappointment, as hope began to die and audacity settled in the Oval Office. The Dark Side of The Moon  2008-2010The Dark Side of the Moon
Observing America
Volume 5