Poem: Window Seat

A tinge of anxiety on my return.

Window Seat

Old loves
Old towns
Old friends
revisited, with a mind of older memories
Sometimes found fogged in, shut down,
as often in full and brilliant sunlight
No way known yet to predict the weather

So I just have to slide on in, take a chance,
see if the plane can land, reservations made
on the spur-of-the-moment, no refund
Heart racing,
thoughts flying, looking down
to wonder if you’ll see me changed,
maybe love me still

And Now a Brief Message
I am the hunter, you are the gatherer,
you comfortable with that, thought not
Genetic destiny turned on its ass,
trouble at the OK Corral and
it’s not necessarily my idea

Two hundred centuries abandoned
for a plastic badge at Wal-Mart,
which may not be abandonment at all,
but just a different tribal chief, no feathers
Pinstripes smoking peace from the top

A little confusion’s to be expected
in this eye-wink since we left the cave
Excuse my Pierre Cardin all to hell,
it’s new, still trying to get the feel of it
Tight across the shoulders, hunting elk

This stew’s been on the stove a while
and it’s not only the plot that thickens
Urbanity was once a simpler noun
You still with me, eyebrow raised?
Okay you hunt, I’ll gather a while

Gather my strength for the long pull
             my wits for a sustaining view
             my senses so I’ll know your touch
             my assets for Master Card
And get a grip, I always need to get a grip

Back in just a moment, don’t go away
Another eyewink of twenty generations
To see how we’ve marked these times
from there, from caves again or understanding
And now, a brief message from our sponsor
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