Poem: A Scattering of Birds

The need to hold a love, overpowered by the requirement to let it free, if anything is to be gained.

A Scattering of Birds

It’s such a tenuous thing,
this venturesome experiment
Removed as it is from reality,
veiled from all the laws
of common correspondence
The world of words dissolves,
along with common sense
An abstraction, lost in smoke
Love conquers everything
except its ultimate demise

No need to spell it out
to those who scatter like birds,
to settle, take wing and settle
once again on branches
No need to take flight
from my fingers in your hair,
lingering gently there,
understanding your need to fly
It’s done with mirrors, and they say
that mirrors never lie

So stay a while and see yourself
reflected in my eyes,
until some startled rush of wings
takes you away,
to wheel and flash the colors
meant for someone else
Testing currents that lift you
further than those we knew
I’ll see you safely gone
and glory in the flight from here
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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