Poem: Heard From Him?

Somewhat self-analytic and shamelessly forgiving.

Heard From Him?

Heard from him?
Gone a year in January
Had to get away and write
Wonder if he’s any good

Wonder what he thinks in
a foreign city, a foreign tongue,
what he does as my sun comes up
and his goes down

Suppose he has regrets?
or thinks it’s all just cool as hell
Smiling at the vagaries of life
And why some stay, some have to go

Could be easier for him this way,
with no witnesses, out of sight
Out of mind and only one side to tell,
So who could remind him it’s otherwise?

What’s a writer’s life, if not to tell
those long, involved, strangulated lies?
Not brave, the telling easier than living
and history from the victor’s pen

It’s a thieving, coward’s choice,
editing a life that didn’t work
and making one that does on paper
Have you heard from him?
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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