Poem: Falling Through Our Eyes

In love with the city of Prague

Falling Through Our Eyes

Mid winter, cold, damned cold
The kind of cold that freezes thought
and mine were ready
But she was warm and pretty, with good legs,
her smile catching me by surprise

Warm hands, warm touch, warm fingers
playing across my back
Her head so quickly on my shoulder
Sometimes love just comes like that
An unexpected meeting of the eyes

But does it ever last?
The sudden rush of passion
that makes me think I’m cared about
Or is it bound to lessen,
as we know much more and care much less?

Her body’s warm and nestles against mine
Waking, tangled in the morning light,
we tease each other, reach across the sheets
She stretches, each line so finely drawn
We fall through one another’s eyes

Six months since we met, first held each other
A love that seems to deepen every day
I know I’ll hold her years from now,
with memories of each intimacy shared
This love, this Golden City, Prague
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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