Poem: Lingering to Fall Away

  In love with the place we loved.

Lingering to Fall Away

Pou fell in love with me in Prague,
washed in the excitement of constant revelation,
caught up in how our bodies moved together
Soft light of evening spread through all our windows

A secret city, held back for centuries for you and me
Cobbles worn smooth with timeless
hand-held wanderings
Each turn catching breath,
a romance that sees unclearly, then home
to throw our breath away in twisted sheets

It finally settles in, this love of place and conversation
Drifts to knowing all the streets,
to having heard it all,
hearing it again, eyes no longer pulled
away from seeing us
Centuries gone, revealing only you,
stripped down to only me

Yet with too strong a love of time and place,
our hands linger, breath rises, then falls away
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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