Poem: Extravagance

Ah well, investing everything we have in another is always a gamble . . . something not-to-be-repeated that we generally repeat.


I’ve given too much of my power to you
and I regret it, for now I’m powerless
You never asked and yet I gave it all
You never wanted, but took it even so,
my love for you, extravagantly spent

I do that when I love someone too well,
investing all my shortages in another,
taking  my strengths, giving them away
sometimes to strangers, sometimes  friends
Friends and strangers yet, but for my love

Extraordinary how it all gets out of hand
A quickening in my mind, larger than life
And reality’s out the window once I  dream
In those dreams you accept the obligation
that’s never there, except within the dream

It weakens me and makes me less a man
Perhaps it makes you less a woman too
This vice of mine that makes me find in you
all the poetry and grace that lets me live
To die without those graces, once you’re gone
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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