Poem: By the Numbers

A little fun with all the polling we do in America.

By the Numbers

Recently, 51% of Republicans polled
    couldn’t find 46% of one another’s offices
A fact that, viewed by 36% of their staffs,
    was found to be 47% accurate, leading to
    missed lunches
    bad haircuts,
    marital infidelity,
    and a persistent eye-twitch

On the other hand, 16% of Democrats
    regarded 22% of Hispanics
    to be 11% underpaid
    on Tuesdays,
    or perhaps Thursdays,
    with 19% undecided
    and, of the remaining 65%,
    12% unavailable for comment

According to the National Polling Association,
    57% of the pollsters were unable
    to locate the tips of their noses
    in a dark room,
    with nearly 43% of the remainder
    needing three tries
All agreed that a 3% margin of error
    was unacceptable 73% of the time
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