Poem: Slippery

The relationship to a dog can only be understood by other dog owners.


He led me through fifteen years of life,
tugging on the leash, always just ahead,
furious stub of wagging tail, the Springer look
A raving canine romantic, high on life

They say dogs become just like their owners
Carry on the selfsame manner, selfsame look
It’s not true, but quite the other way around
I became him over years, thank God

Learned to get my nose close to the ground,
recognize the earth, its tender greenness,
identify the cling of smoke to clothes and hair
Acknowledge life

Spirit free to welcome friends, wagging
my own tail, tasting salt on skin,
curling in a corner to snooze and wonder
what splendid circumstance would wake me

Learning to love without duplicity,
heart pumping, taking it for granted
to leap ahead, impatient with my leash
Snapping at the air, bounding into waves

Didn’t even take him long to die
Just one more adventure down the road
Handled it with the grace of willingness
Teaching me, perhaps to do as well
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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