Poem: Hidden Blue Dress

How we perceive ourselves from our own point of view

Hidden Blue Dress

What I think of myself as being has met and talked
    with what you think yourself as being
And it makes me laugh to think how
    little we know of each other,
    in the times when it doesn’t make me blue

Let’s start over and not think of us at all
Certainly not in the reality of my white shirt
    and your blue dress,
    but more as we are when we are naked
    and recognizable for a single clear moment

You laugh at me
    trying to peel you down to skin with such a line
    and I watch you laugh,
    seeing the outside of you in blue,
    from the outside of me in white

But think a moment of the first-time of nakedness
    with someone you wanted to know
Remember the tang of seeing right through their eyes,
    that instant of recognition before the slow rebuilding
    of imagery, hiding blue dress, concealing white shirt
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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