Poem: Damn That Noah

Only when you're alone does the entire world seem to be paired, holding hands.

Damn That Noah

Damn that Noah anyway,
with his Forty Days and Forty Nights
All that incessant two by towing,
hand in handing, pair by pair
Raining hard, the waters rising
and here I stand
up to my knees, alone

Life begun again in Noah-speak,
as if the waters ever really receded
What a legacy,
coupling in couples ever since
Double or nothing takes on
a whole new meaning,
biblically and otherwise

How many thousand years since then?
A bunch
Argued over, but a hunk of time
at any rate
and yet on streets and trams
they throw their two-ness in my face
Maybe yours as well

Counting their money
in front of the poor
Spreading their feast
before the hungry
If it weren’t such a lovely thing to see,
I’d look the other way
Damn that Noah
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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