Poem: It Will Come as No Surprise

Harkening to the times when I killed your food and knew your smell.

It Will Come as No Surprise

It will come as no surprise,
the wandering through space
and visits to planets,
setting flags of ownership,
such a human thing
and we’ve been warming-up for the journey,
over ready now
Impatience will be the crystal word

Moments ago we killed our food,
dragged it home
and huddled for warmth
against the fires
of our close-held bodies
Moments ago we filled the need
with careful baskets,
woven over long afternoons
of conversation

I knew you by your voice and touch,
moments ago,
when we spoke and lay close
That voice is closer, yet further now,
bounced by satellite  to me,
mixed among the textures
of my Walkman, spinning Dylan

I must get hooked to the Internet,
to drive us faster,
opening space from those waking moments,
when the smell of your body
was all a man could want
and your sleep-filled eyes knew me,
in those times of weaving baskets

Instantly, we need it all right now,
the music, the image,
CNN, that brings us close
to Michael Jackson,
Freeze-frames Jordan,
takes you and me to miracles
A pale thing by comparison, my small miracle,
when I killed your food and knew your smell

The expected day of weightlessness
will come quickly,
yet not soon enough
for the need to do it all
and see it all and feel it all,
away from that awful warmth
of my hand on your sleeping belly,
as memory crackles
lifelessly across space,
every thirst quenched by electrons

It will come as no surprise
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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