Poem: Here With Me

Sharing life lessons as if they could be given like gifts.

Here With Me

You should be here
with me in Prague
A funny thing happened
late in life
and funny things are things
we want to tell,
to those who know us best
and you do
And would find my charm
if only it wasn’t so spilled
on the streets,
with everyone standing ‘round
to look
Wondering where
the body is
Two trams to Letna park
and all those steps
City laid out across the river,
You’d like the conversations
in a language I don’t understand,
nor you
The peace of other people’s
quiet talk
against my ear like
background music
Music we should share,
if sharing were the end of it all
and made some difference
It’s peace
But what the hell is peace,
except a look inside
at all the stuff we thought
was outside
Held out, locked out,
let in
So that’s the funny thing
I’d share with you
This knowing what
I never knew
Finding it
wanting to give it to you
It’s such a long
and I’d like to save you
some steps
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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