Poem: Islands

Everyone wants to get off alone on an island.


There’s an island out there
The island no man is said to be,
as well as places ducks swirl in
and spread-sails idle by,
each on their way to somewhere

And mine is buttered yellow
in waves of light and flowers
A place familiar to my worried feet,
as if I’d been there
in something more than dreams

If I could carve a life,
instead of endless whittling,
it would begin among those fields
Explore and search for hidden caves,
to learn my whereabouts

The land I’m put upon’s too broad,
a thousand choices before dinner,
a hundred obligations yet this week
Crossed and re-crossed, too many sets of
foot-prints to find a path worth following

So goodbye, I’m gone and outta here,
before my legs get used to chairs
Expectations given up, but hope alive
that there’s a hunk just small enough
for me to understand
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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