Poem: Soft Landing

I believe this and so it becomes intimidating in its own way, because its sometimes more comfortable to hide behind words.

Soft Landing

When mankind outgrows its need of things,
forsaking stuff to move in simpler directions,
remembering from our ancient cultures
the sanctity of leaving not a trace
Leaving space for sun and wind and rain,
someone will have to give up the Calvin Klein’s

Sunny in San Diego, but half a world away
Europe’s smoky dark and growing darker
A billion Chinese wanting cars and can’t be blamed
for acquiring our taste, no one ever made
a fast getaway in a rickshaw, at least not now
that Bonnie and Clyde have a three-car garage

It’s a civil right to have it all and set the pace
for homelessness and stock portfolios
Clear cutting with clear consciences,
pointing a finger at someone else’s rainforest
Expecting profit and getting it, a record quarter
Buying markets long and legacies short

Looking for a soft landing in the last best place
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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