Poem: Struggling For Definition

In our heads, constantly in our heads and not recognizing one another.

Struggling For Definition

My complicated perceptions of me,
met your expectations on the stair
and we grappled there,
locked eye to eye,
struggling for definition
We both perspired a bit
and then stood back,
afraid of what we’d done
and what we’d seen
of each other and ourselves

Tried to breathe more naturally
and wrap our words
in a prettier paper
After all, if one’s in love,
a gift’s the thing to give
and wrapping means so much
Plenty of time, long after the party,
to throw away what’s torn,
sweep-up the leavings
and get back down to business

Ah business, sweet business,
profitable business
We are there now
and my perceptions
are loose once more
Your expectations
have become more polished
And I feel us drawing swords,
somewhere on a landing,
half up, not yet halfway down
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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