Poem: Middle Distance

Making the case for idleness.

Middle Distance

In one of those conversations about
the meaning of life,
we touched on work
Meaningful work
the kind of thing to which
one dedicates a life
and states of bliss
and anthills

It was then I think, I made the point
or tried to
that man is an idler
and at his best
and surely his least dangerous
when idling
Gazing into that middle distance

The point was made of life being hard
before the wheel,
but not by me
That devilish device put all men to turning
and they are turning still,
women as well,
beyond the need,
beyond desire

I make the case for idleness,
it’s in our blood,
a heritage of middle distance
and you’ll see it there
any time a man puts down the wheel
to scratch himself
and find an idler
just below his skin
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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