Poems Business is War

Is Harvard Business School the West Pointe of lieutenants of commerce?

Business is War

Wars are fought with front-line troops
and business is war
Downsizing, a necessary flanking move
and then a bitter frontal assault
on corporate costs at any human cost
The machinery of business kills
easily as the weaponry of war
Supported, waged and justified in casualties,
how could it, should it be another way
in an epic battle of commerce

The war of business is planned, maps pinned
by old men, slogged and fought by young
Fresh troops from Harvard Business School,
the West Pointe of lieutenants
skilled at slaughtering their troops
Medals won and generals from hell to here
have always used their infantry
unwisely at the best,
without scruples at the worst
and this war is fought for market-share

It’s hard to follow the flag of pension trusts
and harder yet to take a bullet
on their behalf, pink slipped, eyes glazed
Withering fire, managers fall left and right,
shipped home in coffins of despair
So stop your whining, close ranks,
expect the losses, take it like soldiers
Cannon fodder thins the ranks and vacancies
make for promotion up the grades
The few survive and damn the cost to many

Wars should be won or lost, yet some just stagger,
undecided in bloody hopeless standoff
But the troops come home as they always will
unsung, unwelcome and mostly brutalized
Another generation shell-shocked, whimpering at night,
remembering friends,
knowing their time’s run out
So if some feel their country turned its back,
it’s just the way of wars
and no monuments are ever built to battles lost
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