Poem: A Certain Ring

Governmental sleight-of-hand is the topic and this was written long before the Bush administration, so don't blame me for that.

A Certain Ring

Finding a name for sleight-of-hand
    that sounds like something else,
    sounds like careful thought
    and like balance
    with the sound of fairness thrown in,
    perhaps sounds like apple-sauce
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call it applesauce

Finding a name for expediency
    that will let us off the hook
    and never show our shame
    A way to toe the party-line
    that flows rich and slow, like honey
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call it honey-time

Finding a name for what we do
    and mostly do not do,
    yet calls to mind our heritage
    and marches well to bands
    That sounds and feels like government
Yes, that’s it, we’ll call it government

Applesauce honey time government
It has a certain ring
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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