Poem: Jeremy is Back

The lucky ones return to Prague.

Jeremy is Back

Jeremy is back, not expected, but back sure as hell
Wanting it to be a surprise and walking in to play,
like I’d seen him yesterday from a continent away
Knocking me over with throwing arms
around each other, here in Prague again
The long hug of men who love each other easily

I left twice, he said, as though I hadn’t remembered,
and both times it was a mistake, this city draws me
Here now to write his novel and the songs
that slide off his guitar like water
A rendition of Watching Allison Drown for me
I knew you wanted to hear it, he said and grinned

Wanted that and more my friend, wanted the energy
you bring to me, even when we don’t
see each other for days or sometimes weeks
It’s that way with some people, they just give
you what you need by being somewhere
in the same city, the same proximate space

And so he’s back and hanging out on my couch
until he finds a flat, to compute the letters
that make words and the notes of songs
And he’ll be gone again even though he claims not
because that’s Jeremy, drawn to other places
I’ll wait and write him, one day he’ll walk in again
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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