Poem: Flowered Fields

Wanting the freedom to love until you have it . . . and then what?

Flowered Fields

Man, I’ve been saying it long enough
A regular evangelist for freedom to move
Relationships should be open and easy
That’s what I said, meant it too, and now
I’ve found a woman who understands

She takes me on my own terms and knows
my need for time alone, figured out
that love has more facets than need
and loves me and loves others too
So, how come I’m getting itchy with that?

Why do I wonder where I stand with her
and what it means, when she flashes that grin,
touching the hand of someone else?
Why do I go home with the blues so often,
even though I know she loves me, told me so?

I love her too, but you see we have this thing
about our freedom with relationships
Recognize that spatial need thing, being her and me,
instead of us, which is just too controlling
Know what I mean, understand my take and hers?

It’s got to be that way, other stuff just doesn’t work
Never has worked and I’ll be honest with you
this isn’t working either, I don’t think
Does anyone know where this train is going?
Why the connections aren’t in my timetable?

It’s warm when it’s warm, but man it sure gets cold,
standing on these platforms, dedicated to travel,
on what I was absolutely sure was the scenic route
It might be a journey longer than I knew,
lost among these free-blown flowered fields
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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