Poem: Missing Busses

Another take on "well, that guy certainly missed the bus."

Missing Busses

One of the calm periods
in a life still not too stormy,
but unsettled and needing breath
Time to pull it all together,
as if that were possible

There are times for this I guess
A wonderment of no lightning,
bulletproof after too many bullets
Busses that stop midway in the block,
but usually I missed them

And what of you, is your tide rising,
supporting, carrying you inland?
A crest that’s sharpened by demand,
knowing now’s the time to swim hard
and taking the long strokes upward

When it wants to surge ahead,
let it run, spool it out a way,
stopping only for moments to reflect
Take the time you need, it’s never offered
An imperfect world, but heady stuff

We’re at different points of the compass,
you gaining ground, swimming hard,
me floating and carried by the wind
Not the time to catch you by the hand
Your bus never even paused, halfway in my life
Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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