Poem: With Me or Without

I really believe this, but it needs constant reminding because all my instincts are otherwise.

With Me or Without

This probably sounds like thinly disguised complaint
and maybe is, I have complained before of lesser things
No matter, it has to do with moments, what they mean,
if they exist at all outside of speculation

Because I have this prejudice that the moment may be
all we have, everything before just history, a memory at best
and what’s to come is merely hope, dressed differently no
doubt than we would have it, unrecognizable, but ours

If it doesn’t fit, we wear it anyway

So life perhaps is in the moment and only there
Decades of moments,, yet only moments still
And there’s comfort in this thought, redemption of a sort
Fear is forward and not here yet, maybe won’t arrive at all

Regret is past and needn’t darken the light of this time now
And so I’ll wrap myself in that and call it good enough
Philosophy’s a tiresome thing and I hope you’ll excuse my
Haste, but my moment’s moving on, with me or without

The act of now takes all I’ve got, a concentrated skill,
a silky skirt against my face, if only I’ll hold it close
Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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