Poem: And I Write

A short piece about the need for constancy of process in (my) writing.

And I Write

I wash a lot of dishes and I write,
    make the bed and scrub the john
    and write
I cook and walk the dog, look out windows,
    change the bulbs in reading lamps,
    walk around the joint a while,
    smoke a cigarette and think,
    maybe take the tram to town
But sometime in the day I write

It’s what I came to Prague to do,
    leaving life behind, an unmade bed
There’s compulsion in my orderliness,
    born out of guilt and changing horses
    that kicks my focus in the butt
It may be just a letter, poem
    or e-mail to a friend,
    barely enough to call my work
But sometime in the day I write
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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