Poem: Easy

It takes a Pro to procrastinate.


I have found that when deciding
not to write
Almost any excuse will do
The letter from a friend
lying in my hallway
A reply not yet overdue,
not by a long shot
Requires my immediate concern

And what’s this
there’s been dust a-building
all along the bookshelves
and worse than that
across my desk
One can’t be expected
to concentrate
in a state of disarray

So, once the dog’s been walked,
this joint put right,
a few letters answered
and moments organized
into stately arrangement,
I’ll know the time to face a page
to bring it swinging back,
easy as a kid gone fishing

The words will fly next week,
just after friends stop by,
just after a needed trip
to the bookstore
to buy someone else’s words
scribbled in the darkness
of their put-off time, when it was
easy as a kid gone fishing
Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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